Are you or a loved one living alone?

Our Monitored Personal Alert System will keep you safe and secure around your home, helping maintain your independence and giving your family peace of mind. No phone line or internet connection is required.

If you have received your SA Rebate Approval Letter Call us: 08 8261 0660

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Medi Alarm Features

Number one Supplier For Personal Alarms in South Australia


We are an Australian founded, owned & operated

Made in

We supply Australian made Medical Alarms


We provide 2- Way Pendant which has a range up to 300 Meters.


Monitored 24/7 VIA government approved Control room.


We Supply and install the Medical alarms at No Cost under Government rebate

Monitoring Cost

The alarm is monitored at no cost to you under Government rebate.


We can Assist with completing the Application Form

Customer Service

We provide continuous and on-going support with friendly customer service.


How it Works

The Pendant / Watch

The pendant and wrist watch both have a range of 300 metres and can be used all around your house, in the  shower and even when you are in the garden.

Press Button

In any emergency, simply press the button on your monitoring unit or on your  pendant or wrist watch.

Response Centre

You will be connected immediately to a government approved 24 hours Monitoring Emergency Response centre where one of the friendly well-trained operators will assess your emergency situations.

Help At Hand

We will automatically send an ambulance if requested or if we can’t verify your situation. Also, we will contact your family members or your nominated contacts of your situation.


Procedure to Claim Services

Applicant to fill the attached application form.

Form to be taken to the doctor for clinical assessment and get the form signed by the doctor.

Form posted for approval

Once approved please contact us on below

We will make a booking, supply and install the medical alarm unit and also start monitoring 24/7 VIA control room at no cost.

To Download Application Form

If you have received your SA Rebate Approval Letter

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